Focus On The Main Thing

To be honest, no business wants to be pushed to the wall with little or no options when it comes to the issues of cash flow.

No doubt, unpredictable cash flow is something that lowers team spirit and hampers day to day running of activities.

But if you look at it critically, many businesses tie down their funds by outrightly securing equipment or tools when they should have opted for leasing.

One thing you should take away from all of this is that when it comes to finance leasing, it helps you to retain cash.

And by retaining cash in your organization, you will have the upper hand and advantage when it comes to acting quickly in meeting sudden cash requirement in the area of securing stock, staff and other resources.

Businesses need to focus on the important things that will keep them afloat, and one of them is exploring the leasing option.

Finance Lease to The Rescue

One of the things we do as a finance leasing firm is to assist businesses retain their much-needed cash within their organization to meet ongoing and exceptional running costs.

This we do by enabling these businesses to acquire the assets necessary to maintain their business without actually needing to buy those assets outright.

What this does is that it helps your businesses to yield better returns and goes a long way to main a good level of cash flow for your organization to catch up with the financial obligation. We are Aquila Leasing, and we are positively and constantly changing the face of finance leasing across Nigeria.


In accordance with the Lagos State directives on the COVID-19 pandemic, our facility recently received some medical personnel to check on the health status of our employees and also ensure that we are adhering to the strict safety practices.

Add Your Heading Text HereAs a leading brand in the leasing industry, we are humbled to say that our facility is safe and conducive for members of our staff and visitors who make their way to our workstation.

With the ongoing vaccination across the globe, we look forward to the complete defeat of the pandemic, and the return to normalcy across Nigeria and the world at large.

Photo 1: L-R: Deputy Managing Director, Aquila Leasing Limited, Mr. Nnamdi Nwankwo and some health professionals during the medical checkup of Aquila employees at the Aquila Leasing Ltd head office, recently .

New Head Office

We are delighted to inform the general public that  Aquila Leasing Limited is now at   a new location, which also doubles as our head office. 
The new Aquila Leasing Limited Head Office is  at Plot 161D Raufu Taylor Close, off Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. 
Our state-of-the-art workspace is geared at not only ensuring a safe atmosphere for our staff members and visitors, but also aims to up the ante when it comes to efficient and excellent service delivery to our clients. 
We look forward to receiving you as we conduct business activities that will further strengthen brands across the country and in turn grow our nation’s economy.  Aquila Leasing to the world!